The Everest Metropolitan Police Department in Wisconsin recently lost one of it’s own when Detective Jason Weiland was killed in the line of duty. One 7-year-old boy, Brady, was determined to brighten the days of the officers after learning of the recent tragedy.

Brady decided to donate his Wii, the most prized position to him, in hopes to lift their spirit. He dropped off the donation with a note to the local department, stating that he is sorry for their loss and proud of their service to protect him and his family.

Brady’s question of what can I do to help? Struck a cord within the officers who received his donation. The officers made a post on their Facebook page about helping those who are in need and always asking what more can I do to help someone else.

The officers repaid the gesture forward and bought Brady a new XBOX to continue his love for video games. They also invited Brady to come enjoy his donation with them at the police station. Brady’s mom posted a picture of him and his new friends enjoying each others company and paying it forward.

The heartwarming story of Brady and his donation, reminded all of us to continue to do better and give to those who need it more than we do.

What do you think of this young boys donation to his local police department? Let Hypeline know in the comments below!

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