A Yale student group, Engender, plans to lobby the administration to force fraternities to admit women.

Engender previously worked to admit women into fraternity rush events on campus at Yale. SigEP fraternity allowed women and non-binary students to attend their events. Nearly 5 to 10 women attended the events. Late submitting bids to join the fraternity, they were denied, as the national organization does not allow for the fraternity to accept women.

The group states that it is gender discrimination to only accept men into fraternities. Citing Title IX and Yale’s policies on gender discrimination, as grounds to lobby the university. Engender believes that Yale needs to immediately address the gender discrimination happening on their campus. The Department of Justice stated that Title IX exempts membership policies of certain university-based social fraternities and sororities.

Engender states that they currently do not have a stance on if men should be able to join sororities on campus. One Yale students stated this,

Alex Saiontz said:

“It feels like a space free of gendered expectations. I know many women who wanted access to a space where they could play drinking games and let loose in a way that is typically associated with fraternities. Obviously fraternities were not available to them and they did not think they would find this space in sororities.”

Many fraternities on campus are not wiling to participate in accepting women into their events. One member of a fraternity stated that they did not allow women to come to rush events.

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Historically, only students who could be accepted into the fraternity were invited to rush events. Therefore, it does not make sense to invite women, if there was not a chance of them being accepted into the fraternity.

(H/t Yale News)

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