I have a lot of quite liberal friends, and that’s fine. I like to surround myself with people of all political ideologies because I believe we should never stop learning.

However, following many reports that Tomi Lahren has been permanently suspended from her talk show on TheBlaze, my Twitter feed has been clogged with people in celebration of it. This is extremely wrong. Now, don’t get me wrong I consider myself a lot more moderate than Lahren and often find myself disagreeing with her sometimes extremist views, but I won’t support someone being fired for exercising their right to free speech.

I won’t support someone being fired for exercising their right to free speech.

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One of the hallmarks of the American Constitution is the right to free speech. By celebrating Tomi Lahren’s firing, you’re supporting the idea that if you say something your employer doesn’t agree with you can be fired. Now, I fully understand it is within a company’s right not support Tomi’s views. It’s fine that TheBlaze is pro-life, but Tomi was not preaching her pro-choice views via her show. She simply said she was pro-choice.

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Would you want to be fired for being pro-life? Or for publicly stating you’re against gun control? Didn’t think so.

People shouldn’t be fired for voicing their opinions. We have the right to free speech, and our jobs shouldn’t be in jeopardy because of it. End of story.

What do you think about Tomi Lahren’s controversial comments? Should she have been fired? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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