Julian Assange, the Editor in Chief of Wikileaks has been at the center of attention across the world over the last several months, especially with the release of information regarding the United State Presidential election. After hacking and releasing emails involving Hillary Clinton’s private email server, he campaign staff, the DNC, and others, he has been at the height of controversy.

Assange, is currently residing at the Ecuador embassy in London, as if he was to leave he would be subject to arrest by British authorities. He is wanted by many across the world, reports have even surfaced that during her time as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton allegedly asked, “Can’t we just drone this guy?”

Despite Wikileaks initially claiming that it was a “state actor” who cut off the internet access for Assange, it has since been reported that it was actually Ecuador to blame.

The Foreign Ministry of Ecuador did release a statement on the matter, but he ignored the allegation that the internet was cut off. He stated, “Faced with the speculation of the last few hours, the Government of Ecuador ratifies the validity of the asylum granted to Julian Assange four years ago,” he added, “We reaffirm that his protection by the Ecuadorean state will continue while the circumstances that led to the granting of asylum remain.”

Currently, Wikileaks is in the process of releasing thousands of emails from the Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. In recent releases, a number of emails have been released about a variety of topics. Most recently, were transcripts involving Clinton’s paid speeches at Goldman Sachs and other large Wall Street firms.

Assange is an Australian native who helped to found Wikileaks in the year 2006. He has described the website as “a giant library of the world’s most persecuted documents,” over the years they offered a wide assortment of types of documents, videos, etc.. They gained significant notoriety around 2010 when they released various information about American actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The views regarding the Editor in Chief vary greatly from person to person. At first, many Australian officials called his actions “illegal,” although legal experts and authorities stated that he had never actually violated any Australian law. Since then, some have called for his assassination, and the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden has gone as far to call him a “terrorist.”

Aside from the comments about him, he has won numerous awards, including the Sam Adams Award, Sydney Peace Foundation Gold Medal, Rolling Stone Rockstar of the Year, TIME Magazine Reader’s choice award for person of the year, and others.

(h/t Associated Press)

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