Wichita State University in Wichita, KS is making headlines for refusing to allow a Young Americans for Liberty chapter on their campus claiming they are too “dangerous”.

Student Senator Sandra Carlo was a lead opponent of YAL’s presence on campus stating:

“Although I am someone who absolutely believes in free speech and activism and being able to speak up, what we have seen from this organization is dangerous.”

The YAL group responded to the ruling on Facebook by simply stating, “We will not be silenced.” The opponents of the resolution to recognize the YAL group claim that the organization “promotes hate speech”.

Sen. Timothy Dodd spoke out against hate speech but also expressed his belief that students endorsing a WSU chapter of Young Americans for Liberty deserved an opportunity to prove themselves on campus as credible representatives of the libertarian movement.

Ultimately, the majority of senators agreed, and the resolution failed by a vote of 8-16-5.

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Sen. Zubair Kahn expressed that expressed that there was no place for an organization with a controversial reputation at Wichita State University.

Sen. Kahn stated:

“I think that if we want to have a libertarian organization on campus, there are other ways to do that.”

He did not specify what sort of “other ways” he meant.

(H/T Campus Reform)

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