Why did Kendall Jenner delete her Instagram?


Ah, Instagram. The quintessence of millennial life. The easiest way for individuals or brands to curate an ideal version of themselves in a collection of perfectly edited and filtered photographs.

Kendall Jenner is known for her carefully curated, star-studded, perfectly posh Insta feed complete with over 68 million followers. However, over the weekend, the supermodel seems to have vanished off the premier social media platform leaving the following empty space in our hearts:

Screengrab from Instagram

She has yet to delete her Facebook and Twitter, so her followers will still be able to peek into her celeb lifestyle. Jenner’s departure from Instagram comes after her half-sister Kim Kardashian chose to take a step back from social media in the name of privacy and safety following a shocking heist in Paris during Paris Fashion Week — which many have blamed on the Kardashian/Jenners’ blatant accessibility via social media platforms. Khloe Kardashian called the robbery “a wake up call” for the family, and so it seems Kendall Jenner has chosen to follow Kim K’s footsteps in that regard.

Kendall Jenner also was confronted with a frightening situation this year. A 26-year-old man was convicted last month of trespassing at Jenner’s Hollywood Hills home this August. Jenner testified against the man stating that she was frightened when the stalker trailed her car into her driveway onto her property.

Perhaps we can all learn from Kendall’s digital detox and remove ourselves from our devices.

“I definitely have close friends, and even some family members, who are so connected to their phone and can’t get off of it.”

Jenner recently told Allure that she’s sick of how connected her sisters are to their mobile devices and that sometimes she’ll quit social media to clear her head.

“Sometimes I delete Instagram or Twitter or Snapchat off my phone for a couple days,” she said.

What do you think of Kendall Jenner’s departure from Instagram? Did she delete her Instagram for her own safety, or is she taking a digital detox for her mental health? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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