Morals and beliefs are different among all people. We must always consider the difference between this country’s ethics, and how other countries might not relate. In my opinion, with the circumstances described, not buying products manufactured by child labor is the worst thing you can do if you think child labor is a problem.

First of all, the reason children work is because there families need the money. In the article “This Company Is Employing Children?” it states that “the main cause for children doing work is    poverty.” Saga used statistics in the article “Is Doing the Right Thing Wrong?” estimating “that as many as 20,000 families could be affected, since 70 percent of the local market relies on them for their work”. In the article “Nike Pledges to End Child Labor And Apply U.S. Rules Abroad” the writer talks about Nikes decision on the matter. Nike’s decision to end child labor can affect many families that need those jobs. In the article “Is Doing the Right Thing Wrong?” states “nonetheless, he and many others question Nike’s decision to leave, given how many families may be loosing their livelihood.” Hussain Naqui a decade long employee for Saga is worried because their will be no more jobs with out Nike.

Boycotting is not the solution and can make conditions worse. In the article “Is Doing the Right Thing Wrong?” states “many say a surge of unemployment and falling profits in Sialkot, a rare oasis, is the last thing a Pakistan struggling with militant Islam and poverty needs.” “IS Doing the Right Thing Wrong” states “Saga’s fall could chip away at a decade of progress. Low unemployment, stability, and a private sector that pours money into schools, clinics, and roads.” When boycotting happens, conditions for the children can get much worse. In one case when the United States Congress threated to stop the importation of clothing manufactured by children under 14 in Bangladesh, around 50,000 of them went from their jobs in relatively clean factories to collecting garbage.

Lastly, not all conditions for children working are bad, and it can keep them from terror groups, teach ethics and other skills, and in some places child labor is normal. In the article “Is Doing the Right Thing Wrong” states “There is no link to terrorist activity here, because everyone is involved in their work” said Khurrram Khawaia. Also in the article “This Company Is Employing Children?” it states “IN other cultures, children are expected to work together with with their parents. This happens not only out of financial need, but also as part of the family’s work ethics. Some say that children should not work. That argument is not right. A childhood should consist of social construction and acquiring skills, which most of these children are learning daily in the workplace.

In most situations not buying products manufactured by children only make matters worse for the children. Also there are many positive outcomes as a result of child labor. Not all conditions are bad for the children anyways, and in the majority of all child labor circumstances, the children need the work to make money for their families.


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