A recent study conducted following the 2016 election shows that the economy was the top issue most to millennial voters.

The study was conducted by the Millennial Impact Report, and it surveyed 350 millennial voters that had been previously surveyed in different studies during the election cycle. The Millennial Impact Report found that education — namely student loans and higher education — was the most pressing issue to young voters during the first few surveys conducted.

However, during the week of the general election (Nov. 9 – Nov. 14), the economy was polled as the more important issue to young voters. The survey results showed that employment and wages were the most important policy focuses to millennials.


Furthermore, the study showed that the amount of millennial voters who claimed they voted for Republican candidate Donald Trump practically doubled post-election when compared to the amount that expressed support before the election — which is consistent with the claim that Trump won due to his “secret supporters”.

The study also indicated that approximately 80 percent of all millennials surveyed (~ 350) reported that they voted in the election — which is a massive deviation from the typical low-turnout of the young vote.

A sentiment common among millennial voters is the refusal to choose between Trump and Clinton as they believe that “the lesser of two evils is still evil.”

The correlation between the economy and Trump’s support is the expressed belief that Trump had the greater chance of improving the current economic state in favor of millennials.

(h/t Roll Call News)

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