As the United States becomes more and more fitness crazed, the list of gyms and fitness centers available grows longer. Although some of these facilities are extremely different from one another, others share everything in common except for the name. Frankly, it can be hard to pick the right gym for you among the many.

Never fear! Picking a gym can be hard, but here at HYPELINE, we’re going to make it a little bit easier.

Let’s break down five of America’s most popular fitness chains to see which one is the best fit for YOU.


If you’re new to working out, Planet Fitness is the option for you. Know for its ‘Judgement Free Zone’, PF is geared toward people new to the fitness scene. Planet Fitness offers classes, encouragement, and spacious cardio areas. However great this gym is for those new to working out, if you’ve been at it for a while, you may want to switch to another facility since PF truly is geared toward newbies.

     Cost: $10-$20 a month

     Locations: 1,200 facilities across the country


For the night owls, the odd shift workers, and anybody else who feels like being able to workout whenever they want, Anytime Fitness is what you need. Open 24/7, Anytime offers hours that can’t be beat and staff that will help you achieve your goals. Although locations are much smaller than your typical big box gym, your membership allows you access to every location worldwide.

     Cost: Around $50 a month

     Locations: 2,250 locations in the U.S. with locations worldwide


YMCA of San Diego County

Sure, classes, weight rooms, aquatic centers, wellness centers, and elevated tracks are great reasons to start a membership, but at the YMCA, the community will keep you renewing. The Y is known for reaching out to its members and the community at large, and the staff truly start to feel like family. Not only can you get a great workout in while gaining from the experienced staff who are there to encourage you, but each time you walk through the door, you’ll feel like you’re at home. Plus, the facilities are completely family oriented, so you can make staying in shape a family affair.

     Cost: Price varies from location to location based on different types of memberships

     Locations: 2,700 facilities across the country (most will allow you to use your Y membership from a different location to enter)


If you don’t care about amenities and just want a place where you can get those gritty, bare bones, heavy lifting sessions in, Gold’s Gym is for you. Gold’s has created legends of the bodybuilding world (Arnold Schwarzenegger anyone?) and is still extremely focused on lifting today, even though they’ve expanded to include cardio and classes as well. If you don’t need the frills and just want to get down to business, Gold’s is for you.

     Cost: $9.99-$20 a month

     Locations: 379 locations across the country


On the flip side from Gold’s is Equinox, a luxury fitness facility. If you love living a healthy, luxurious lifestyle, Equinox is for you. Taking a holistic approach, Equinox offers a wide variety of fitness opportunities, such as one-on-one training or innovative studio classes. What sets them apart is the spa-like atmosphere, like the on-site juice bar, Kiehl’s products in the showers, and more.

     Cost: $80-$200 a month

     Locations: 87 U.S. locations, focused in bigger coastal cities

Although each of these gyms offer different experiences for different people, keep in mind that this isn’t a comprehensive list. You might want to go with a fitness brand like one of these, but keep in mind that in every community, you’ll be able to find a variety of yoga studios, crossfit gyms, boutique studios, and local fitness centers. Look around, and pick what works best for you!

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