With the death of the Samsung Galaxy Note7, there are two main competitors to be the best phablet (that’s a phone that’s almost the size of a tablet for those who don’t know); Google’s Pixel XL and Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus.

The New Pixel XL devices are the top of the line from Google. They will get any update to Android before any other phone, and also being brand new they are made of some very high quality, non-explosive parts (Sorry Samsung). This is a good step they also took with their Nexus devices in order to have more control over how Google wants your Android experience to be.

This is very similar to how Apple maintains complete and total control over the design and manufacture of its iPhones, and it’s a step in the right direction because it is much easier to buy a piece-of-garbage Android phone than it is to buy a piece-of-garbage iPhone — as I’m sure any Android user can attest.

Apple has a long history of making some serious strides in terms of performance every time they update their phones, with each one considerably faster than the last and frequently surpassing any Android competitor. With these new phones -notably marked “Made by Google,” it is a serious attempt to dethrone Apple from its spot as top-dog.

YouTube channel SuperSaf TV posted a video testing the two and the results might surprise you! Note that the smaller Google Pixel and The Larger iPhone 7 Plus were used because both phones have a 1080p display and that would make it more fair during benchmarking.

Watch to see the tests or read the results below:

After seeing the video its shocking to think that while Google’s Pixel comes closer than most Android smartphones it still lags behind the sheer performance of an iPhone. That is notably due to Apple’s years of precise integration of software and hardware in a seamless manner.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you prefer iPhone or Android devices? Let us know below!

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(H/T: YouTube)

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