Perhaps one of the most constant and controversial measures pushed during the Presidential campaign by Republican Donald Trump was and has been his call for a “wall” along America’s southern border.

Although much of the border between the United States and Mexico is in place, his calls for a wall have caused quite the controversy, especially among those on the left and on college campuses. With the rise of so called, “sanctuary campuses,” where school administrators do not comply with federal officials to enforce immigration law, there has been much resistance to this type of proposal on campuses across the country.

Many have argued the term “build the wall” has been made popular due to xenophobic and racist sentiments held by individuals. In fact, at some schools students have been threatened with punishment for writing such a term in chalk on campus.

Some have taken to campuses to see just what students think about this type of measure. Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform has become known for going onto these campuses and gauging students opinions on these type of issues.

Watch Campus Reform’s video below, to see what students at Washington University in St. Louis had to say about President Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall.

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