Over the years, it has been abundantly that black conservatives are forced to deal with significant ridicule, especially from those on the left. In 2012, Herman Cain was subject to much of this when he ran for President, as was Dr. Ben Carson in the 2016 cycle.

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott is the first black senator elected to a full term from the south since Reconstruction, certainly a very noteworthy feat. Scott has been willing to provide a unique perspective on the Senate floor, as the only black Republican members of the Senate.

Last year, Tim Scott gave a passionate speech on the floor speaking about racial profiling and police relations with African Americans. He spoke of his experiences, where he has been questioned by Capitol Hill officers who did not believe he was a member of the US Senate. In one instance, he recollects an officer stated that he “knew the pin,” referring to the one which Senators wear, but he did not know who Scott was.

Nonetheless, Scott has also been subject to ridicule by many, especially on the left. He stated that after endorsing Senator Jeff Session for Attorney General, he particularly relieved a lot of backlash.

Watch Senator Scott’s full speech below, and let HYPELINE News know what you think about his comments!

Sen. Tim Scott Reads out Nasty Tweets He’s Received for His Su…

Sen. Tim Scott receives a lot of racist tweets from the left. Watch him read them on the Senate floor.

Posted by Grabien on Thursday, February 9, 2017

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