Over the last several months, an ongoing story in baseball has been Tim Tebow’s attempt to make a comeback in professional sports. The former Broncos Quarterback was able to tryout and was in fact signed to a contract by the New York Mets.

His talent has been subject to a variety of differing opinions. At his tryout which nearly every Major League Baseball team sent a representative to, the reactions ranged from “It was like watching an actor trying to portray a baseball player.” to, “Better than I expected, to be honest… The power was impressive.”

At the end of the day, the Mets were willing to take a gamble that Tebow will be able to learn to effectively translate his athletic ability into baseball.

Although it is still certainly to early to offer an assessment of the decision, after first pitch at least, it did appear that maybe they found a difference maker.

On his first pitch in instructional league, Tebow hit one out of the park for a Home Run. Sure, the talent level is not at all like that of the Majors, or even Single A for that matter, it is still clear that he at least has the raw ability to be effective at a sport he hasn’t competed in for years.

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