After the first debate for President was held in the general election just last night, a frequent comment has been in regards to the lack of substance discussed. There have been plenty of ad hominen attacks and name calling, yet not very many substantive discussions about the issues that matter.

Back in 2008, Congressman Ron Paul’s presence on the Republican debate stage certainly provided a different perspective than was held by many in his Party on a vast array of issues.

Some notable issues where he diverges include: foreign policy, central banking, and criminal justice reform. Watch, as Paul spars with Rudy Guiliani over the proper role of America in the world and the possibility of unintended consequences of American foreign interventions.

Guiliani has been a controversial figure himself as well, from his strong support for the PATRIOT Act and  stop and frisk policies being widely enacted in his time as mayor of New York, he has been the subject of much criticism regarding a number of his policies.

Who was right? Are there unintended consequences from American foreign interventions? Have the policies of the United States been effective abroad? Let HYPELINE know what you think in the comments!

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