On Wednesday, February 8, Netflix debuted the trailer for their latest original series, Dear White People.  The 2014 comedy film of the same name serves as the basis for the show.  Dear White People, a 10-episode show, will follow Samantha White, played by Logan Browning.

In the 2014 movie Dear White People, Selma‘s Tessa Thompson played Sam White.  In the show, Sam White is a biracial student who hosts a radio talk show in which she addresses the issues being ignored on the (mostly white) Ivy League campus.

The trailer starts with Sam White speaking into the microphone for her radio show saying, “Dear white people, here is a list of acceptable Halloween costumes. Pirate, slutty nurse, any of our first 43 presidents.” Then, the words “America needs a voice of reason” flash across the screen. Sam then says “Top of the list of unacceptable costumes: me,” followed by images of white students dressed up in blackface.

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In the first day of being up on YouTube, the trailer’s ratings were over 95 percent dislikes. Justin Simien, director of the 2014 movie, will write and direct the first season of the show. The show will be available for streaming on April 28, 2017.

Here is Netflix’s summary of the show:

Based on the acclaimed indie film, this series satirizes “post-racial” America as students of color navigate a predominantly white Ivy League college.

Netflix Faces Backlash

Netflix is already facing backlash for the debut of the trailer.  Now, many are claiming that Netflix is “anti-white.”

However, many people are retaliating in support of Netflix’s decision to produce the show.

The general sentiment regarding Netflix’s debut of the trailer is, as we have seen in recent times, white people feel that their freedoms are inferior to people of color’s freedoms: whites have seen an increase in racism towards them that is deemed acceptable but would be considered unacceptable if it were the other way around.  On the flip side, many people of color claim that to be racist against whites would be “reverse racism,” and that “reverse racism” either does not exist or is impossible.

The show is expected to make a bold statement and also create even more backlash, similar to MTV’s “New Year’s Resolutions for White Guys.”

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