For those who are in favor of capitalism and free markets, the questions about immigration can be a difficult one. In a theoretical, utopian, free market system, individuals would be able to travel and move across the world without issue. Much like moving from state to state, it would be possible to go to nations with the best economic outlook.

However, that is not at all the system America is in today. With the existence of a welfare state, there are many more variables added to the equation. Additionally, important national security questions also need to be addressed.

It may come as a surprise to many that up until 1914, immigration to America was almost completely unregulated. So long as one could get a ticket to board a ship to Ellis Island in New York City, then America would not turn people away. Interestingly, this change came just one year after the 16th Amendment was ratified, which created a national income tax in the United States.

Certainly, there are very few who would openly advocate for absolute open borders in today’s America. Nonetheless, it still is a question which should be evaluated about why we have the overall system we have.

Watch the video below of the late economist Milton Friedman, to see his take on immigration, illegal immigration, and the welfare state.

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