Perhaps the most controversial of the cabinet appointments which President-elect Donald Trump has made is his selection of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to be the United States Attorney General. Since announcing this selection, there have been constant calls that Sen. Sessions is a racist, as many have raised question about certain accusations made against him in the past.

In fact, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker broke long standing precedent when he decided to testify against his colleague during the confirmation hearing. Sen. Booker became one of many on the left who have spoken out against the nomination of Sen. Sessions to be Attorney General.

During his confirmation hearing, the President and CEO of the NAACP, Cornell Brook was invited to testify. During the hearing, much of Brook’s issues he takes with Sessions is his long standing dismal record with the organization. From their most recent rankings, Sen. Sessions received an 11% from the group. Although this may at first seem to be brow raising, it certainly should be put into context.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was sure to explain his issue with these accusations to Brook. Graham asked what his rating with the group was. After not being able to answer, the South Carolina Republican explained that he has a 25%. Every single Republican on the committee had a failing grade, while every Democrat had an ‘A’ or better.

He went on to criticize the report by saying,

“I hope that doesn’t make all of us racist, and all of them perfect on the issue”

He continued to challenge the NAACP leader with the scorecard and the position. With the fact that every Republican in the committee had a failing grade, he asked,

“Can you name one person you think would be a good Attorney General, on the Republican side?”

Not surprisingly, there was no answer given to this question. But it is very unlikely that any individual appointed to this position would not face significant backlash and face these same questions.

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