On Friday night, the Golden State Warriors suffered a tough overtime loss to the Memphis Grizzlies. After a settled three-point shot by Kevin Durant during the last meaningful play of regulation, Draymond Green let his teammate have it.

According to ESPN, during a post-game press conference, Green explained his conversation with Durant, saying he wished they would have executed a pick-and-roll instead of Durant taking an isolated three at the last second.

Kevin Durant also reported that Draymond Green was adamant about the play call but didn’t mention his missed shot.


Warriors Coach, Steve Kerr, also weighed in on the matter:

Apparently Kerr considered calling a timeout but liked the matchup between Kevin Durant and Zach Randolph, reports ESPN.

“We had Kevin with an ISO at the top,” Kerr explained. “He had Zach [Randolph] on him and I thought about taking a timeout, but I liked the matchup and so I let the play go through.”

This highlights team chemistry issues that are quite normal for a team with as many superstars as Golden State that’s loaded with MVP Steph Curry, shooting guard Klay Thompson and now MVP Kevin Durant.

Hopefully in coming months Golden State will work through out their kinks and learn how to play better as a team.

The Warriors are still figuring out their offense which is still too isolation heavy and Durant and Curry, the main stars of the team, are still figuring out how to play together.

There’s plenty of time before the playoffs and that is plenty of time for this super-team to figure out how to dominate their way to the NBA Finals.

(h/t FOX Sports)

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