Saturday night, famous economist Ben Stein completely annihilated CNN and other mainstream media for treating President Trump so poorly. When asked by CNN host Brianna Keilar what he thought about Trump’s decision to skip the White House Correspondent’s Association dinner, Stein epically attached the media.

Stein stated on air:

“I don’t blame Mr. Trump one bit for [making the decision]. He’s a punching bag, day after day after day in the media and I don’t blame him for not wanting to go and be a punching bag in person.”

Keiler responded in confusion to Stein’s remarks, so she questioned him over Trump’s recent comments about “fake news” media that included New York Times, CNN, and Washington Post describing them as the “enemy of the American people.”

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Stein continued:

“There’s no doubt some of this is [negative media coverage] self-inflicted. But I think this general idea that the press can just hack and hack and hack away at the president that he is expected to sit there and take it is not a sound idea. I’ve noticed, day after day, week after week, everything is negative — not one positive response.”

Watch the full epic interview below:

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