Walmart is apologizing to a police officer’s family after an employee refused to make the officer’s retirement cake. According to the Walmart employee, a “thin blue line” that was requested on the cake could be considered racist.

The police officer’s daughter, who has remained anonymous, told radio host Todd Starnes that she went to a Walmart in McDonough, Georgia on Thursday to ask for a cake with the American flag in black and white with a blue stripe added in.


But the Walmart employee told the woman “the design could be perceived as racist and nobody feels comfortable decorating the cake”. And when the officer’s daughter asked for a simpler cake, with just one blue line on a chocolate background, the employee still said they didn’t “feel comfortable” with that design either.

Taylor Wilkes, a Georgia police officer and family friend, originally posted about the cake incident on Facebook early Friday morning, criticizing the store for their “appalling” behavior.

“There is nothing racist about the symbolism behind the “thin blue line,” yet people CHOOSE to make EVERYTHING about race,” Wilkes wrote. “I’m so tired of it.”


After the post went viral, the local Walmart manager met with the police officer’s daughter to apologize.

A Walmart spokesperson said in a statement that the company regretted the incident,according to WTVM: “Our goal is to always take care of customers. But sometimes we misstep.”

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(H/T: The Telegraph)

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