The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper believes that climate change is a key part of global terrorism. During the annual intelligence community conference in Washington, Clapper stated: “I think climate change is going to be an underpinning for a lot of national security issues”.

Clapper’s logic is that climate change will cause a decrease in resources which leads to socio-economical tensions worldwide with people resorting to arms. Clapper added that climate change consequences will lead to “the cycle of extremism [to] continue for the foreseeable future”.

Clapper went further stating that climate change affects “so many things: the availability of basics like water and food and other resources which are continually going to become matters of conflict, and already are, between and among countries.”

Defense One reports:

The Pentagon has been getting increasingly serious about preparing for it, warning that warming global temperatures and extreme weather events would act as a “threat multiplier” and foster terrorism. Earlier this year, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work ordered the military to adapt current and future operations to address climate change.

The Pentagon’s priorities and Clapper’s statement have upset many Republican legislators, with many saying that the Pentagon should focus on military elimination of ISIS and other terrorists regimes before worrying about climate change.

Critics argue there is a serious logic gap between increased temperatures and terrorism. Instead of immediately turning to terrorism they argue people in the Middle East will likely turn to innovation of food and water resources to solve their problems — or even move.

Rep. John Fleming stated: “These executive orders require the Department of Defense to squander—squander—precious defense dollars by incorporating climate change bureaucracies into its acquisition and military operations and to waste money on green energy projects”.

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