There certainly have been a number of controversial methods of protests which have taken place over the last several months since the election of Donald Trump as President. With the explosion of the women’s marches across the country, as well as countless others, there have been many individual protests which have raised eye brows.

Perhaps one of the most cringeworthy protests without a doubt has to be awarded to the recent protests from this past Sunday in Chicago. In protest of the new President, protestors lined up and ‘mooned’ the Trump Tower in Chicago.

For those who may not know, Google defines ‘mooning’ as:

‘to expose one’s buttocks to (someone) in order to insult or amuse them’

Although this type of action certainly will catch one’s attention, it is probably not like to bring about any substantial change.

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Kathleen Murphy of Upstream-Ideas took to the streets for a segment of “Follow the Logic,” where she went around the city to see the protests firsthand. Watch the video below to see these protests for yourself.

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