Conservatives at the University of Minnesota are no strangers to extreme liberal bias on campus. Last October, protestors shut down a bipartisan campus conversation event discouraging free speech on campus. Additionally, immediately prior to the overrun campus conversation event, a university-approved “build the wall” painting was illegally vandalized.

However, it seems the liberal vandals have struck again by illegally vandalizing a similar university-approved painting — then had the gaul to boast about it on social media.

“Regardless of how one feels about building a border wall or Mr. Donald J. Trump, it is never acceptable to interfere on other people’s freedom of speech,” Faupel stated regarding the first vandalism incident.

Members of the conservative movement on campus took to social media to speak out against the liberal hate:

possible members of the University of Minnesota community felt as if it was okay to vandalize our student organization's…

Posted by Miguel F. Anselmo on Monday, February 6, 2017


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