Keith Fink, a communications professor from UCLA, claims that his department head is unfairly blocking enrollment into his “Free Speech on Campus” class.

Fink believes that the enrollment block is politically charged.

The College Fix reported that Taryn Jacobson has repeatedly tried to enroll in the class, but to no avail.

In an email, Jacobson stated:

“This is one of my last quarters at UCLA and this class is crucial to my preparation for law school,” … “It will also strongly guide my decision (either by affirming or disaffirming) my aspirations to attend.”

Fink decided to give Jacobson a “Permission to Enroll” form as he has to blocked students in previous quarters.  UCLA voided the form, making this the first quarter where Fink’s PTE forms have been denied by the department.

The Daily Bruin said that Fink is the only professor having trouble with his PTE forms. Other professors have not had problems enrolling students with PTE forms.

Kerri Johnson, the new department chair, has also blocked students from enrolling in another free speech course that he teaches.

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Austin Kaidi, a former TA, said that Kerri Johnson has “incredibly left-leaning ideals”.  Kaidi also told The College Fix that Professor Fink’s room holds nearly 300 people.  Out of the 241 students that tried to enroll in Fink’s class, only 200 students were admitted.

Johnson asserted that she was maintaining “reasonable class sizes”.  She also claimed to have no knowledge of Fink’s political views.

Fink told the Bruin that “Students are not being treated with equity here.”

Fink said:

“I am a voice of a teacher who’s not going to go away,” … “When I see an injustice toward students, I am going to fight.”

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