Before an election that can only be known as a complete revolution in response to the Obama era, Republicans were still seen negatively in schools across the nation as greedy racists who hate poor people.

I come from a moderately rural area and still witness discrimination anytime an ideological discussion takes place. Teachers tend to be left-leaning, and politically outspoken tend to be liberals as well. I actually had a teacher I often discussed politics with tell me she thought I was “smarter than that” when I told her I supported Trump in the general election.

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When students in high school debated, it was often times a minority group of Republicans against a larger group of liberals. This seems to not to be due to a much larger percentage of liberals my age, but instead Republicans who feared the social repercussions for expressing their right leaning views. Due to the buzzword culture that seems to consume the left, conservatives do not speak out in order to prevent being called “appalling” things such as racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, bigoted. The list goes on and on.

Words with nothing substantial to back them up, but alone are enough to silence some. I must add that I think even these buzzwords are free speech, but that still does not change the fact that intelligent debates contain factual information, something many on the left seem to not understand. High schools are filled with young individuals that are still trying to form their own opinions in regards to politics.

Yet, when Republicans are attacked personally as opposed to ideologically it pushes some to form beliefs based on this. This all escalated in the wake of Trump and the passionate support he received. His slogan “the silent majority” was more accurate than many may have realized. When young people I saw did not express their opinions out of fear of being label something that was not accurate, they tended to keep their opinions to themselves.

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The left does not seem to realize that this bias is much of why Trump’s win was unexpected. There were people did not vocalize their support for him, however when it was just them in the voting booth free of judgement, they cast their vote for Trump. Even after the Trump victory, vocally supporting the President can cause very visceral reactions, especially among the youth who often look to the loudest voice in order to form their opinions.

Whether you support Republicans or Democrats, everyone should be in support of allowing the youth to take the information given to them and draw their own conclusions, otherwise we are pushing ourselves toward a very 1984-esque world.

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