One issues which was at the center of controversy throughout the 2016 election was the Iran Nuclear Agreement. The deal, which was championed by the Obama Administration and Secretary of State John Kerry, has been at the center of criticism from many Republicans and Democrats alike.

Although the agreement was signed as a “peace agreement,” those who have opposed it have tended to argue that it puts America’s only ally in the region, Israel, at risk. Although certain provisions were in place which are said to be created to assure Iran does not have the ability to obtain nuclear weapons, some, especially Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu argue that the agreement does not assure a nuclear Iran does not become a reality.

Throughout the campaign, President Donald Trump made his opposition to the agreement a central tenant of the reasons to vote for him over his opponent. It has been hotly debated what the Trump Administration can do with the deal in place.

Questions regarding how the relationship with Iran will change over the coming four years have been very important regarding the relationships the United States has with Iran, Israel, and other Middle Eastern nations.

On Friday, the Treasury Department released a list of about two dozen individuals and entities which will be facing new restrictions due to their involvement in the development of the Iranian missile program.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry responded to these actions by saying, they will also punish Americans who have “played a role in generating and supporting extremist terrorist groups in the region or have helped in the killing and suppression of defenseless people in the region.”

Although American officials acknowledged the actions will not have a profound impact on the situation itself. Rather this decision is meant to serve as a warning for Tehran.

What do you think of this decision? What should America’s policy be regarding Iran during the next four years? Let HYPELINE know what you think in the comments!

(h/t Bloomberg)

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