Fresh off of a fast paced first week full of executive orders and memorandums, President Trump steamrolls into a weekend of diplomatic affairs with our closest ally and the shadow of our Cold War adversary.

May visits Trump

President Trump hosted his first foreign leader, Theresa May, yesterday at the White House to discuss the path forward for the US/UK partnership. In a joint press conference, the two leaders emphasized the importance and greatness of the “special relationship” shared by both Nations.

United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May (L) and President Trump (R) hold a joint press conference during her visit to the White House. (Photo Credit: AP)

Trump and May presented dedicated attitudes and similar tones as they steer their countries in new directions. Citing Brexit as a precursor to his win, Trump praised the referendum and predicted it will be “a wonderful thing” for the United Kingdom’s policies on trade and immigration.

As Brexit looms over her country, Prime Minister May expressed her plans to work with Trump to create a “trade negotiation agreement” with the US. Despite her critics, the Prime Minister seems ready to fully and quickly “cement” her country’s relationship with America and President Trump.

Breaking the Ice

At some point today, President Trump is set to have his first conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin via phone. Although there is no official agenda the public has been made aware of, there are obvious urgencies to be discussed between Russia and America.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) and US President Donald Trump (R). (Photo Credit: Reuters, Montage Credit: Salon)

As these Presidents claim to seek normalized relations, the fight against radical Islam, sanctions imposed by Obama, and Russian aggression in Ukraine could likely be the main topics of conversation.

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