When a smart political party loses, they ask themselves “What did we do wrong that the people did not support us?”

When a dumb political party loses, they ask themselves “What is wrong with the people that they did not support us?”

A great example of this is the Democratic Party’s reaction to their defeat in the 2016 election.  Not only on the Presidential level, but in states accross the entire nation.  Instead of looking inward and having serious discussions about hope to grow their base and appeal to more voters, the Democrats seem much more interested in passing the buck on as to why they were not successful.  Here are my top four favorite things that the left seems to blame for Trump’s elections and the Democrats failure.

  1. Fake News

Oh we have all heard it.  MSNBC could not stop talking about the Macedonian teen making money off of publishing “fake news” articles about the election.  Are there blantantly false news stories that circulate over social media? Absolutely.  Did those fake artciles effect the result of the Presidential election? I’m not conviinced.  The challenge is that all news sources are capable to putting out “fake news”.  Some sources are absoultely more trustworthy than other, but sometimes less reputable sites can get it right and large journalistic institutions can get it wrong.  The left’s problem is that in respose to “fake news” they attempted to paint staples of conservative media such as Red State, The Blaze, and IJ Review as some of the main perpetrators, while ignoring similar sites on the left as can be seen with the list of fake news sites put together by professor Melissa Zinders.  Moral of the story here is to read before you share and always double check the sources.

2. The Russians

Another reason the left claims Trump won the election was because of interference by Russian hackers.  Some even went so far as to say that Russia had hacked into voting machines to change the outcome in certain swing states.  While hacking the voting system seems very unlikely, Russian involvement in hacking the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta is entirely possible.  Democrats seem much more interested in talking about the involvement of the Russians than they are about disputing the content of what was realeased by Wikileaks.  Just about everyone opposes Russian hacking of American insitutions, but at the end of the day while there is a possiblity of doctoring in some instances,  a lot of what was uncovered from the DNC and Podesta emails was in fact true.  While Russia getting involved in this way is disturbing, it is just as troublesome as the Democratic National Committee putting their thumbs on the scale when it came to Bernie Sanders in the primary.  Going forward the new motto for Presidential campaign staff should be “email like it’s going to appear on Wikileaks.”

3. Angry White Racists

We have all heard this one.  The election of Donald Trump is a “white lash” and the “last stand of the angry white man” who has been frustrated after eight years under Barack Obama.  Forget that many of the people in key mid west states who put Trump over voted for Obama twice in the last two elections and that Donald Trump performed better with minority voters as a percentage than Mitt Romney did.

4. James Comey and the FBI

Everyone from Nate Silver to Bill Clinton  are making this point.  Apparently all of the last minute voters who broke for Trump did so because James Comey’s actions in regards to Hillary Clinton’s email server.  No matter that all Comey did was play into a narrative that has already been in existence about Hillary Clinton for years.

Did all of these things probably have an effect on the election? Probably, but at the end of the day Hillary Clinton and the Democrats seem to only be able to blame other folks instead of looking inward and asking themselves “What did we do wrong that the people did not support us?”.

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