The Tomi Lahren saga at The Blaze appears to have come to a stop for now. On Sunday, several news outlets reporting that Lahren has been permanently banned from the network. Most people believe that Lahren’s alleged firing was a response to her interview on The View where she stated she was pro-choice.

Watch the controversial interview below:

Last week, she was suspended from The Blaze for a week before her firing was reported on Sunday.

Glenn Beck’s Hypocrisy

Glenn Beck has now set a bad precedent for free speech for people in the media. Firing Lahren because of disagreement on one subject is an extremely ridiculous thing to do. If Fox News were to do this to liberals like Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, or Bob Beckel the mainstream media would lose their collective minds.

However, since it happened to a conservative news personality the mainstream media will keep their mouths shut. Beck has effectively created a Human Resources nightmare for The Blaze.

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It is no secret that Beck has been #NeverTrump since Trump announced his candidacy in June 2015. Lahren has been an outspoken Trump supporter since he got the nomination in May of 2016. However, she originally supported Florida Senator Marco Rubio and then switched to Texas Senator Ted Cruz after Rubio suspended his campaign.

Beck was an outspoken supporter of Ted Cruz. Beck quickly turned his back on Cruz after he endorsed Donald Trump in September. Beck’s meltdown continued when he said he should’ve endorsed Rubio instead of Cruz. Beck also said it was his fault for believing someone could be George Washington.

The Future of The Blaze

Taking a stance against Trump is a mistake that Glenn Beck seems to have not recovered from. Beck’s twitter has shown that he was not that big of a fan of Lahren’s pro-Trump commentary. Beck also disagreed with Lahren’s stance on the riot against Milo Yiannopolous that took place at UC Berkley on February 1, 2017. The Blaze is likely in some serious trouble in terms of viewership since Lahren has been fired. Whichever network hires her is likely to receive a huge boost in viewership. One thing is clear, no matter where Lahren goes she will have a huge following and her viewers will likely stay loyal.

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