A group at New York University which advocates violence against people it disagrees with has lead to a postponement of a NYU College Republican event with Lucian Wintrich, a gay Republican and White House press correspondent.

According to a post on the NYU CRs Facebook page, ” We had invited Lucian Wintrich, White House Press Correspondent for the Gateway Pundit, to talk about his career, his views, and what it’s like being the youngest and first openly gay WH press correspondent, though he had not yet been confirmed. Unfortunately, the NYU Antifa decided he’s a fascist because he likes to take pictures of male models with MAGA hats, and they have threatened to shut down the event. The administration is not cancelling the event, but has required us to postpone to give them more time to prepare to deal with mass disruption and harassment from Antifa, so we’ve lost our speaker for this week.”

Antifa is a violent group which likes to disrupt speakers it disagrees with, claiming that it is actually fighting fascism.

For example, a branch of it lead violent, destructive protests at Cal-Berkeley over Milo Yiannopolous being invted to speak.

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