We’ve dealt with the media’s attempt to polarize America for a long time. Since Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the United States, it has gotten worse. Instead of acquiescing to the new administration and supporting the peaceful transition of power, Mr. Trump’s enemies have doubled down on the tactics that lost the election for them.

Too much of our media is designed to polarize. This is why I have made a call to action to unite America with my own media. This is the #UNITERAP, which hopes to remind Americans of what Unites America in the first place! We are all Americans before we are Republicans or Democrats. The more media tries to polarize us, the less united the USA becomes. Please share #UNITERAP with others to encourage the peaceful transition of power and the ultimate unity of a divided nation.

This rap was created by a contributor to Hypeline, Matteo Iadonisi! You can even see cameos by the signature “Think! It’s Not Illegal Yet!” pin from Turning Point in this video!

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