Arguably one of the biggest changes to the iPhone 7 is the removal of an actual home button. That’s right folks, if you didn’t know there is no “button” but rather a sensor that triggers the haptic feedback of the phone (the same vibration as a force-touch). Apparently though, a few people have been having trouble with the sensor — in that it is breaking on them

Apple brought the idea of not having an actual button over from their MacBook, which has an arguably better integration of the haptic feedback. When using an iPhone 7 after using a 6s, it is very noticeable that there is no button and that takes some getting used to.

However, still being a new technology, there’s prone to be some kinks worked out of the system and it looks like a broken home button sensor might be one of them. One user found that Apple has put in a very interesting feature to counter the broken sensor.


A user by the name of iwayne said the iPhone was above was restarted once and simply began working up without a potential fix in sight for him.

“The Haptic engine kept firing 3-4 times in a row for every “press”, iwayne explained. “I restarted again and it’s back to not working.” Eventually, the warning message above appeared.

However, with a recent patent by Apple suggests that a new edge-to-edge display might be coming soon and that users should be on the look out for that in next years iPhone 7s or 8. For now, if your home button is encountering difficulty like the one shown above it is suggested that you take it to your closest Apple Store to have the issue corrected (or use the on-screen home button, if you so please)

What are your thoughts on this? Have you upgraded to the iPhone 7? Let us know below!

(H/T: MacRumors)

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