In the wave of celebrities using awards shows to rub their political views in people’s faces, many everyday Americans are finding themselves changing the channel. While I appreciate the sentiment, I often ponder:

“Why did we wait until 2016/2017 for us to stop caring?”

If that sounded a little patronizing then don’t worry, I am one of those people as well. I have watched every Academy Award show since I was twelve and, up until recently, accepted every nomination and win as the Word of God in terms of filmmaking prowess.

I even watched last year’s Oscars. Enduring what seemed like eight hours of constant white Oscar “jokes” (after a while, it sounded more like complaining), I was pleased to see Leonardo DiCaprio win his elusive first ever Academy Award. My excitement for him quickly turned into ten minutes of eye rolling, when he turned his acceptance speech into a push for the climate change agenda.

That was the first nail in the Hollywood Awards Show coffin for me and, after the Donald Trump victory, the second, third, and I estimate the 211th nail hit the coffin as well. In the midst of endless anti-Trump PSAs, SNL skits, and speeches, I decided I was done enabling Hollywood and my decision was not entirely based on politics.

Even if we leave politics out of the equation, what reason do we have to care about award shows anyways? Unless it’s something like the Teen Choice Awards, normal everyday people don’t decide who wins let alone who is nominated for Best Supporting Actor — a committee of Hollywood elites decide.

Do you think there is any partiality when deciding who gets nominated or who wins? Of course not. Instead these committees will choose the movies they think is best or rather movies with themselves in it that agree with their opinions. To put things in perspective, can anyone name last year’s Best Picture winner without looking it up?

Basically, shows like the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards are just one big three hour long televised epitome of arrogance and it’s as if Hollywood is telling us:

Let’s make a show where we give ourselves rewards and tell ourselves how beautiful, talented, and special we are. We’re going to have a red carpet where we get to show off our very extravagant clothing that costs more than a schoolteacher’s annual salary but we’ll only wear it one time of course!

The best part is we’re telling you people [the peasants] how to think and which movies and actors are good and which ones aren’t. Doesn’t that sound like some very entertaining television?

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