The conservative political action conference each year results in an infamous plague. The average CPAC goer shakes the hand of at least a thousand people over the course of the conference. In addition to late nights, after parties, and good DC brunch game; this exposes each attendee to every possible concoction of the cold. No man, woman, or child can escape this supreme Rhinovirus.

We asked some of the survivors what they did to cope with their exposure.

Devon Mirsky of California said she slept in until 2pm and put honey in “literally” everything.

Emily Holt of Colorado used the sickness as an opportunity to binge watch House of Cards.

Caleb Bonham of Colorado was “literally sick”, and declined to further comment on the status of his health.

Our staff at Hypeline we fortunate enough to have Monday off. National staff were well aware that our day off would be spent dealing with the punishment from the infamous “cpac plague”.

If our readers attend CPAC we hope that you prepare with plenty of Vitamin C tablets and a balanced breakfast.

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