Texas A&M student Robert McIntosh is facing punishment for doing something campaigns before did without issue. So what was the real crime he committed? Could it be his refusal to hop on to the diversity bandwagon?

Robert McIntosh WON the student body president election at A&M on Friday, February 24th with 51% of the in the instant run off system receiving 6,200 votes.  This was a well received victory by the student body and the highest voter turn out in A&M history with close to 17,000 votes cast.

The Election Commission, which exists to oversee student elections, ruled to disqualify McIntosh for failing to disclose glow sticks on an expense report that were included for a campaign video.

Yes, you read that right, the winner of the student body president election at one of the biggest schools in the country has been officially disqualified for a hyper-technicality. Several others used items that they did not purchase in their videos without expensing them, but the difference is – they weren’t reported.

This appears to have turned into a gotcha game where instead of winning an election fair and square, the rules are used as weapons by some who can’t win the race legitimately.

The Judicial Court’s ruling said that because the glow sticks were brought from an entirely separate event where recipients paid a fee and were given them, and therefore not available to every student, they were subject to regulation by the Election Commission.

Although when we reviewed the rules we found that items must be expensed only if the item would not have been purchased but for the candidate’s running for election. This begs the question: how does receiving glow sticks from a separate event fall into this category?

From what we have gathered, identical situations have occurred in campaign for years, leading many to believe McIntosh was being singled out and targeted.

The Texas A&M administration has remained remarkably silent on this unprecedented disqualification. There are numerous examples of universities around the country where absurd happenings in student elections have been rectified and the will of the students were honored.

We are watching and investigating this outrageous turn of events at one of the most conservative universities in the atinon – could there be a link here?

We understand that not only was McIntosh disqualified for glow sticks, he beat several charges of “voter intimidation” by anonymous 3rd party sources – that turned out to be “shaking hands and saying howdy to students on voting days” – we all thought that was just called campaigning?

There is more to this story – someone inside the student government perhaps went to great lengths to make sure McIntosh did not assume this position.

Some have described a behind the scenes movement where those in power would use any means necessary to stop McIntosh. The winner — if McIntosh did not become SBP — was the handpicked diversity candidate – anyone read that recent article on top public universities where A&M got a C in Diversity that knocked them down to #10 and their arch rival, the University of Texas, is sitting at #1?

Something isn’t adding up in Aggieland. More to come!

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