On Monday, a student at Texas State University violently destroyed a pro-life display on campus and had a complete breakdown — all on camera.

According to Campus Reform, Emma Brockway, a student at Texas State University, who describes herself on Twitter as a “progressive activist,” shared a video of a man kicking down a pro-life display on school grounds.

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The man yelled:

“Get the f*** out of here with this bulls**t. This is f***ing bulls**t! Get this s**t out of here! F***!”

Watch the violent video below:

(Warning the video contains strong, offensive language)

Brockway stated to The Tab:

“I was shocked, but I have to admit I admire him in some ways because I think he did what we were all wanting to do. I am a supporter of free speech, but again, I think everyone was secretly wanting to do what he did. People around me were shocked. After I saw the incident, I immediately began organizing a peaceful counter protest. It’s important that the pro-choice side has a presence at the Stallions as well.”

Texas State has confirmed that they have launched a criminal mischief investigation into the incident.

(H/T The Blaze)

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