It seems that liberal bias in the college classroom knows no limits.

Elizabeth Bishop, a professor and potential next Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Texas State University, reportedly attempted to have two conservatives fired after an altercation on Facebook. One of the victims of discrimination is reportedly a student at the university.

The argument began with Texas State student Colton Duncan called out the university administration via Facebook for allowing well-known communist Angela Davis to speak on campus while not welcoming the College Republicans chapter to hold a female empowerment event. Duncan referred to Davis as an “American terrorist”.

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The Facebook post has since been deleted due to “violating community standards”. However, it was not removed before provoking a debate between Duncan, Bishop, and Alexander Morrissette of the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF).

The morning following the Facebook altercation, TPPF received a call from Bishop asking if Morrissette was an employee there. Bishop reported to the person on the phone that Morrissette had harassed her in the Facebook posts, but Bishop refused to go into detail about what those statements were. Bishop ended the phone call when TPPF told her they would give her a “talk” about Facebook etiquette.

Morrissette told Campus Reform:

“Thankfully, my employer laughed the ordeal off after seeing that the allegations of hate speech were false. The employers on college campuses, especially campuses that are so rife with Politically Correct culture, may not be so judicious in their evaluation of these kinds of claims.”

Following the harassment of Morrissette, Bishop demanded the university investigate Duncan for “hate speech”.

Pictured above: Elizabeth Bishop of Texas State University

Duncan stated in regard to the incident:

“Someone like that, with little to no regard for the First Amendment, has no business educating the next generation of leaders. The political science department has pumped out a good number of leaders, whether they’re activists, public servants, or leaders in the private sector. I shudder at the thought of this woman wielding any authority over this process.”

It seems that leftists such as Elizabeth Bishop are unable to discern between a peaceful disagreement and legitimate harassment. Liberals must learn to agree to disagree and control their emotions rather than simply react based solely on emotion.

What would happen if we all demanded people be fired following disagreements? We’d all be unemployed!

(H/T The Blaze)

What do you think about this professor’s outrageous reaction to a simple Facebook disagreement?

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