A group at a Austin Community College is seeking to “organize white men” for the purposes of “racial justice and equity.”

The White Allies for Race Equity (WARE) has launched a new initiative to initiate conversations amongst white faculty about race.

The group’s description reads:

“WARE is an affinity group of white males focused on such race issues as systemic racism, implicit exclusion/inclusion, and equity issues from their perspectives. The group includes ACC faculty, staff, and community members. New members are welcome.

“Our mission is to organize white men to become more respectful, effective, aware, and engaged partners in the pursuit of racial justice and equity at Austin Community College and in the broader Austin community.”

The group reportedly has 10 members — the majority of which are ACC faculty members.

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A representative of WARE told The Daily Caller:

“We started thanks to a suggestion from [ACC’s associate vice president of the Office of Equity and Inclusion] Stephanie Hawley, in response to the observation that race equity work is often ‘preaching to the choir.’ Such discussions tend to primarily involve people of color, and there has rarely been substantial involvement of white males in race equity work.

“We have shared our own personal stories of race and defined our group’s mission. We participated in ACC’s Regional Equity Summit in February, particularly in the session entitled ‘Waking and White: How Can Privilege Flip the Education System?’  We are starting to looking for groups to partner with to make a broader impact within ACC and the rest of the Austin community.”

(H/T The Daily Caller)

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