President Trump made a major case throughout the entirety of his campaign to build a border wall along the US-Mexican border, and now that it seems those plans are going to come to fruition, there are number of businesses fighting for the opportunity to build it.

With building plans under development, over 600 businesses have tossed their names in the mix with 60 — or 10% — being owned by Latinos.

A variety of businesses have submitted plans to participate in the building of the wall including security firms, fencing companies, and construction firms.

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Trump told ABC News just five days after taking office in January that he wanted actual construction of the 1,300-mile barrier to get underway “in months.”

The structure is estimated to cost as much $25 billion, according to some estimates, while Trump himself has said he can get it done for as low as $10 billion. The wall is planned to run from the Gulf of Mexico in Texas to the Pacific Ocean in southern California.

There are, however, some spaces planned along the stretch where there are natural barriers such as mountains or rivers. As the San Jose Mercury News noted, some rough terrain areas of the border that cannot support a wall.

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