There is not much that can be considered a great American icon than McDonald’s Big Mac. Having served over 300 billion burgers in over 100 different countries, the company has grown from a small Chicago area burger joint to a multinational, massive fast food chain.

However, a surprising poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal may come as a surprise to many. The poll found that a slim, 1/5 of America’s millennials have actually eaten McDonald’s most well known option.

This finding although may come as a surprise initially to many, represents many of the issues the world famous chain has experienced in recent years. Sales have been consistently flat, over the last decade or so there has been very little increases at all.

It is interesting to see how the company has decided to attempt to grow over the last several years. Many have decided to take their business to places whose food is perceived to be healthier options, in response the chain has oftentimes attempted to have more substantial, healthier burgers. However according to the sales figures, it does not appear that these attempts have been very successful at all.

As a whole, worldwide sales for the company have fallen 2.3%. Besides the health aspect, the company has also had issues trying to change their menu options, while still staying committed to consistency and timing. 70% of all revenue from the stores can be attributed to drive thru sales. But with a 90 second target time from the time the customer orders to the time the food is given out, it becomes difficult to offer fresh options that are high quality and always available.

With millennials being a target market of McDonald’s, it should certainly be concerning that so many have never even tried the Big Mac. Heading into the future, it may be necessary for the company to begin to shift their focus to other outlets, such as with their purchase of the fast food chain Chipotle.

Maybe, the Big Mac will not be and is not the American staple that is much was. Despite the far from ideal numbers involving the chain, it will certainly be a very long time until McDonald’s becomes irrelevant in today’s market for fast food and food in general.

(h/t Wall Street Journal)

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