Political discussions and debates can sometimes bring about the worst of people. With so much polarization, it can be difficult for some to get along with those who do not agree with their own political perspectives.

With new data and technology available seemingly everyday, there is always a push to get more and more information regarding people’s political beliefs. It is always an intriguing question to try to determine why people believe what they do, and to identify trends with the demographics and factors regarding individuals who are part of specific groups.

Recently, the Journal of Public Economics, conducted a study looking to determine how attractive people who identify with specific ideologies are. The study found that there is a correlation between people’s political beliefs and attractiveness, although it did not find a specific causation.

The study showed people right leaning politicians from the United States, Australia, and Europe, and asked survey respondents to rate a politician on a scale of attractiveness, ranging from (1) below average to (5) very handsome or beautiful.

Additionally, the study found that there is a very real impact that a candidate’s attractiveness can have on the election results, especially when there is little information about the contest. Interestingly though, voters on the right are more likely to vote based on attractiveness, rather than those on the left. In a municipal election where little is known about the candidates, right leaning candidates can expect 20% more votes for being “more attractive,” while those on the left can expect about an 8% increase.

It can reasonably be assumed the reason for the increase in votes is because psychological studies have found that people who are more attractive are typically regarded as more just and fair. One reason which may contribute to the trends as to why those who are more conservative tend to vote based on attractiveness is the study indicates that people tend to attribute those who are more attractive to being more conservatives.

With this in mind, it would make sense that those on the right would vote for those who are considered more attractive, as they would likely be looking to differentiate who they believe agrees with them.

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(h/t Daily Caller)

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