Some students are puzzled with the American flags that are appearing in classrooms at Colorado State University. The American flags are part of the school’s initiative to comply with state statute C.R.S 27-91-10, which requires American flags to be in classrooms, according to the Collegian.

Despite this, some students are wondering on the sudden compliance with the statute.

Student Mariana Dart told the Collegian that it might be a political statement, “I think sometimes American flags, especially recently, are kind of like political statements in a way. I was sort of like, ‘Oh, okay.’ Taken aback might be a strong word, but I wondered who had put them there and why.”

“I don’t know if the purpose of putting the flags (up) was political, but I think that they do kind of make a political statement regardless if that was the intention,” she added.

The American flags are small and framed in front of the classroom.

American flag in CSU classroom.
Credit: The Collegian

Another student, Julia Andrade, said she is not opposed to the idea of American flags being in classrooms, but she too wonders on the timing due to the “political turmoil”.

American flags on college campuses are no strangers to controversy.

At UC-Irvine, the Associated Students of University voted to remove all flags, which included the American flag, from certain places on campus because they are “symbols of patriotism or weapons for nationalism.”

After a national outcry and security concerns, UC-Irvine overruled the vote.

At Hampshire College, the school was flying the American flag at half-staff as sign of mourning because Donald Trump won the presidential election. Then some students took down the flag and burned it. The school’s president then decided to not fly the American flag anymore.

A rally, comprised of mostly veterans, was later held at Hampshire College to show their opposition to the school’s policy.


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