Following up on an earlier story published in Hypeline, an investigation has found that Yousef Yacoub, a student senator at the Ohio State University and a leader in Students for Justice in Palestine is very likely faking a hate crime by Buckeyes for Israel.

As we’ve written before, Yacoub claimed that in mid-November, members of Buckeyes for Israel vandalized his car and were harassing him. Yacoub’s story began to fall apart when neither the Ohio State campus police log nor the Columbus police log showed any complaint matching Yacoub’s complaint. As we wrote at the time,

“Yacoub has stated or implied in Facebook posts in the past two days that members of Buckeyes for Israel have been threatening and harassing him, “extremists” are threatening his life, and that members of Buckeyes for Israel followed him to his car and keyed his car.”

Yacoub claimed though that the Bias Assessment and Response Team were investigating his claim. After filing a Freedom of Information Act request and receiving the responses,  this claim appears to be false as well.

According to the FOIA response provided by BART, Yacoub did not file a complaint. In fact, there does appear to be two complaints against Yacoub, but none against Buckeyes for the Israel for the time period Yacoub claimed he was attacked and filed a complaint.

Past attempts to reach Yousef for comment have proven unsuccessful and only resulted in swearing and attacks against TPUSA. Yousef blocked the writer on Twitter and his Facebook is no longer publicly available, making it difficult to reach him for comment.


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