Students at Northern Arizona University have declared an all-out war on free speech on college campuses.

According a local news source, during a recent town hall hosted by NAU President Rita Cheng, a student asked Cheng how she will promote “safe spaces” on campus. Cheng responded to the student that she will not support safe spaces because they prohibit students from developing skills necessary to be successful in the real world.

President Cheng stated:

“As a university professor, I’m not sure I have any support at all for safe space. I think that you as a student have to develop the skills to be successful in this world and that we need to provide you with the opportunity for discourse and debate and dialogue and academic inquiry, and I’m not sure that that is correlated with the notion of safe space as I’ve seen that.”

Well, this response didn’t please the SJWs on NAU’s campus. The NAU Student Action Coalition organized a protest and walkout in response last week — and they also demanded Cheng resign as president of the university.

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The NAU Student Action Coalition released the following statement:

“President Cheng’s answers at the forum were insufficient and if she’s not ready or willing to engage in these serious conversations and more importantly, work toward solutions, then we do feel her resignation is necessary and would want a university President who works to provide the purpose of higher education, which is to enrich the lives of many people, students, faculty, staff and the larger Flagstaff community.

“The NAU community invests a lot of time, money, and energy in this experience and, because of failed leadership, we are not getting a return on our investment. We were guaranteed access, quality and excellence in our higher education student experiences and far too many students are experiencing the exact opposite.”

Cheng’s office in response stated that they are willing to meet with the students to discuss their concerns.

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Read the following excerpt from Cheng’s official statement regarding the matter:

“Creating segregated spaces for different groups on our campus only to misunderstanding, distrust and the opportunity for discussion and engagement and education around diversity. Our classrooms and our campus is a place for engagement and respect — a place to learn from each other. NAU is committed to an atmosphere that is conducive to teaching and learning.”

What do you think about the students’ extreme reaction to a professor condemning safe spaces? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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