Rachel Maddow’s “bombshell” discovery of President Trump’s taxes from 2005 didn’t exactly yield the results her audience were hoping for. The most note-worthy part of the report was that it revealed then-citizen Donald Trump had paid $38 million in federal taxes out of his $153 million income in 2005, or 25%.

Compared to other public officials, the 25% is pretty high. Senator Bernie Sanders, who has long advocated for social programs that are funded through taxes, had a tax rate of 13.5% in 2014, while President Obama had a tax rate of 18.7% in 2015.

Hypeline News staff first asked college students if they thought a 25% tax rate on income was high, with many agreeing it was. It was then revealed Trump has paid that same rate and many said it was still too high.

“Yes, that’s too much,” said one student. When asked how much she thinks President Trump pays in taxes the same student said, “Not enough.”

When it was revealed to a Bernie supporter how little he paid in taxes, she was shocked:




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