Turning Point USA chapter DENIED simply because of its conservative’s views


The student government at Santa Clara University, a Jesuit Catholic university in Silicon Valley, voted 18-10 on Thursday, February 2nd, against approving the Turning Point USA chapter. According to eyewitness accounts of the event , however, it was not based on any flaw in the chapter’s structure, or an inability to be effective, but rather because it was conservative and had ties to Milo Yiannopolous.

According to the chapter leaders, the club prepared all the necessary paperwork, including a club constitution, mission statements, and ideas for events on campus. After the presentation, student senators, community members, and students in general participated in a 2-hour discussion about why Turning Point USA should not be allowed on campus. Many of the complaints centered on Milo being provocative (even though it was leftists who set fire to UC-Berkeley only a few days prior).


When I contacted the student organizations director to discuss ways we might have the club approved, she told me that one of the reasons the student senate had denied the club was because the divisiveness of the election had created mood on campus, implying that it is proper to deny any club that is remotely conservative/libertarian/Republican because Trump is a controversial character (Turning Point USA is a non-partisan organization regardless, and thus does not endorse candidates).

The unfair treatment of the Santa Clara chapter echoes a similar controversy last year at Drake University, where the student body president (a Hillary Clinton delegate), and several student senators, including a staunch supporter of Planned Parenthood, attacked the club over CEO Charlie Kirk’s personal pro-life views (an invalid reason regardless).


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