Student Punished For Challenging Professor on Christianity, Sharia Law



Via The Central Florida Post:

Rollins College officials are punishing a Christian Conservative student who challenged a liberal Muslim professor and radicalized Muslim student during a conversation on the application of Sharia Law.

Marshall Polston confirmed to the Central Florida Post that Professor Areeje Zufari, who teaches a “Muslim Humanities” course at Rollins, has made outlandish claims against him and even filed a false police report.

Early on in the class, Polston said he realized the professor was harboring Anti-Christian beliefs, demonstrated by the professor’s assertion that the crucifixion of Jesus was a hoax and that his disciples did not believe he was God….Polston says that he challenged her on this point during a class discussion and after that, Professor Zufari promptly failed him on a major essay and refused to provide input as to why she issued a 52% grade for the essay.

To recap: a student challenges a professor on a religious belief and then receives a failing grade. It can’t get worse, right? In fact, it can. A Muslim student in the class argued why Sharia law is correct to insist on severe punishments for homosexuality and adultery,  and the student appears to have pushed back, which was the final straw and lead to a meeting with the dean of student and the subsequent suspension.

Perhaps most ironically, Zufari’s profile on the Rollins faculty page says her courses “emphasize student interaction and critical thinking.”

This is hardly the first time Rollins College has impeded on a student’s religious liberty; in 2013 the school punished the Christian group InterVarsity Christian Fellowship  for insisting that, wait for it, its leadership be faithful, practicing Christians.

Will Rollins College support freedom of speech and freedom to express religious beliefs in the classroom for all faiths? Hypeline News will follow any developments.

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