For those who aren’t aware, Samsung has been having a bad month with their Note7 phones. It’s went from a few reports of exploding batteries to a full worldwide recall of the devices for presenting a considerable threat to the livelihood and safety of Samsung’s customers. However it appears that, according to Samsung, 90% of all Note7 customers are not only choosing to stick with Samsung for their phones, but they still opt for a replacement Note7 instead of another phone Samsung is offering (their S7 or S7 edge).

In order to effectively combat the potential backlash from the exploding phones, Samsung has been offering a replacement Note7, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, or a full refund from the store where their phone was purchased. The Galaxy S7 is the current flagship device of Samsung.

Samsung has reported that since the recall earlier this month, already half of the afflicted Note7’s have been collected from consumers and of that 50%, 90% of owners simply opted for a new Note7.

However this event will certainly be a black mark against Samsung’s relatively good track record of phones. Their Note line of phones has become their second flagship, with many places selling out pre-orders and often people upgrading them loyally every year.

It also appears that Samsung still isn’t out of the water with it’s replacement devices. The Wall Street Journal is reporting some customers in South Korea have noticed their replacement Note7’s can’t hold a charge or are overheating. Samsung, however, told the paper the new issues are isolated and unrelated to the phone’s batteries.

All of that is to say, it could take months to determine if the Note7’s battery problems will have a major effect on the company’s sales. So far, however, Samsung has recovered a good deal of its stock price following a massive slide after the initial recall was announced.

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