There have been many who have labeled the ongoing killing of the Christian minority in Syria and surrounding regions as a “genocide.” With the Islamic State gaining more power in the area, thousands upon thousands have been forced to relocate every year.

According to information released by the State Department, there were 12,587 refugees from Syria relocated to the United States over the last fiscal year. Of these, only 68 Christians were accepted.

The Sunni Muslims, which accounted for 98% of all accepted refugees, do make up the vast majority of the Syrian population. However, the ratios are still not representative of the population as a whole, as Christians are underrepresented in the refugee populations, and Sunni Muslims are overrepresented.

The United Nations has reported that there are 4,806,702 Syrians that are considered to be “persons of concern.” These people span between the nations of Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and North Africa. It has been estimated that 700,000 have attempted to flee their homeland as refugees.

The United States government has not determined the treatment of Christians to be a genocide. American officials have stated that they do not take religion into account when determining what refugees are accepted to come into the United States.

(h/t CNS News)

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