Coffee mega-chain Starbucks recently faced fierce backlash after CEO Howard Schultz promised to hire 10,000 refugees in response to the refugee crisis and President Trump’s temporary refugee ban.

In fact, droves of Trump supporters took to social media to denounce the mega-chain’s vow to support refugees.

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What many #BoycottStarbucks participants don’t realize is that Starbucks already vowed back in 2013 to hire 10,000 veterans and veterans’ spouses by 2018. At this point, they are close to reaching that goal with having given jobs to 8,800 veterans/veterans’ spouses.

The Starbucks Veterans Network with its 14 chapters across the nation have come out in support of the mega-chain amidst its recent controversy.

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In a memo, veterans employed by Starbucks stated the following:

“We respect honest debate and the freedom of expression. Many of us served to protect that very right. Some of our brothers and sisters died protecting it. But to those who would suggest Starbucks is not committed to hiring veterans, we are here to say: check your facts, Starbucks is already there.”

Starbucks also offers a variety of forms of support to veterans and veterans groups. The company has opened 32 locations on military bases as “a place of welcoming and support for military communities around the country” to “reconnect veterans with their communities, support successful transitions and create career opportunities.”

The company also launched a program by the name of Military Mondays:

“Military Mondays, a partnership between Starbucks and community-based Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs), provides a space in local stores where pro bono legal support and other veteran and military spouse services are offered.”

Furthermore, the mega-chain will give priority to hiring refugees who served as interpreters to the U.S. military, according to CEO Howard Schultz.

Do you believe Starbucks is in the wrong for their refugee-hiring initiative? Or should we support Starbucks for their commitment to veterans?

(h/t The Blaze)

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